US-based Customs Broker purchased by Canadian brokerage

June 17, 2024


PMK International LLC, a Licensed Customs Broker and International Freight Forwarder based in Seattle (SeaTac), Washington, is pleased to announce its successful sale and transition to Courtney Agencies Ltd based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Owners of PMK International LLC, Patrick and Mary Kastner, conducted a low-profile search for a potential successor for PMK — a business they founded and built over more than twenty years. They approached long-time friends and associates, Paul Courtney and Virginia Weiler of Courtney Agencies Ltd ( primarily because they knew Courtney would respect their clients, their staff and their vendor-partners.


Both companies have deep roots in the industry and are of comparable size.  Each has the reputation for delivering high-touch, personalized, expert service.


For the past number of months, Courtney and Weiler have been learning at the elbow of the Kastners and the PMK team; the reins are now firmly in their hands. “It was important to us to conduct the transition in a way that was seamless to our various stakeholders,” said Mary Kastner, who remains PMK’s Licensed Customs Broker of Record and business continuity advisor.


Courtney owners immediately saw the potential benefits to both their and PMK’s clients for having services of equal and considerable strength on both sides of the US-Canada. “It’s a unique offering,” said Courtney. “Most customs brokers are strong in one country and do their best to get by on the other. We look at the border from both sides now.”


The two “sister companies” continue operating independently with their own distinct brands.


For more information, contact Paul Courtney, President (604.787.0619 or or Robin Sauvé, Communications

Paul Courtney

President of Courtney Agencies Ltd.

A customs broker and freight forwarding business based in Vancouver, Canada


Customs is in the DNA of the Courtney family. Paul’s father learned at the knee of his father before opening the doors of Courtney Agencies in 1955. Paul and his brother Don grew up on the docks of the Port of New Westminster, BC where their parents worked tirelessly to keep products moving into and out of the Canadian markets.


In 1988, Paul stepped into the business full-time in what would be the beginning of a rewarding life-time career. As they assumed more leadership in the company, the boys built their knowledge and expertise in customs, freight forwarding and serving as ship’s agent. 


Paul became a Licensed Customs Broker in 1991 and shortly afterward graduated from the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) education program. At the University of Toronto, he studied business management and was one of only a few individuals to have earned the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) fellowship degree. In 2012, Paul earned his Certified Trade Compliance Specialist (CTCS) designation and, in 2017, the Professional Freight Forwarders (PFF) designation. He is currently preparing for the exam for the US Customs Broker certification.


Paul assumed the role of Courtney’s President 20 years ago, and six years ago, he and his wife, Virginia Weiler, bought the business from the other members of the family. Courtney has grown to 25 staff members. Paul and Virginia have stewarded steady growth of Courtney and, with the acquisition of Seattle-based PMK International, look forward to continuing a positive upward trend.


Paul is active with a number of professional associations, having held board positions with both the CSCB and CIFFA. He currently serves as CIFFA’s Customs Chair, and is an active member of the Sustainability committee.


His work on the Sustainability committee is inspired by Courtney’s corporate direction to consciously embed social purpose to all its decisions and actions. Courtney is a certified B Corporation, and conducts its business and does all arranged shipping “Carbon Neutral.” 


Nothing if not active, Paul coaches cross-country skiing, swings a club any time he can get to a golf course, and still plays league soccer. Cycling is Paul’s preferred form of transportation. When in Vancouver, his commute – almost always on his bike – includes a drop-off and pick-up of his youngest child at school.



Virginia Weiler

Vice-President of Courtney Agencies Ltd.

A customs broker and freight forwarding business based in Vancouver, Canada


Virginia Weiler is vice-president and co-owner with her husband, Paul Courtney, of their family-owned business.


She completed her BA at Boston College and MBA from University of Victoria.


Virginia’s first career was as a heavy equipment operator working in the Yukon and Alaska and finally an airstrip construction project in Antarctica.


A social entrepreneur at heart, Virginia spent more than 20 years in development finance including running a microloan fund and establishing Canada’s first conservation loan fund.  She lived and worked in East Africa for five years, focusing on HIV/AIDS public finance projects underwritten by CIDA, USAID, World Bank, and the Global Fund. 


Virginia spent over a decade serving on Boards of Directors for Museum of Vancouver, Citizens Bank (now VCIB), and Vancity Credit Union, including as Board Chair. In 2014, Virginia received the Community Legacy PEAK award from the Association of Women in Finance (AWF) for her work in the credit union community.


At Courtney, Virginia focuses on people and teams, business strategy and supporting technologies.  She believes strongly in the company’s responsibility for its impact on people, communities and the environment.


Virginia led the development of a social purpose for Courtney including the people strategy in support of its journey to becoming a certified B Corporation in 2022.


All Courtney operations are Carbon Neutral – from office operations to all international freight and domestic deliveries arranged by Courtney. Courtney Agencies is proud to be a B Corporation and Virginia is excited to bring PMK International LLC into the fold, sharing learnings between both teams as they continue to grow and thrive.


Virginia, mother two, is an avid skier, cyclist and news reader.