Licensed Customs Brokerage

Licensed and empowered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), we act as an intermediary for importers and exporters in handling the sequence of government requirements involved in clearance and importing.


That involves all entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, valuation, and associated duty, taxes and other fees.

Customs Bonds

Customs Bonds are non-refundable insurance guarantees for your shipment in the case there are any fines, penalties, unpaid import duty/ fees, or any claims imposed by Customs if the Importer defaults on payment.


PMK will work with you to determine the required value of a bond for goods entering the US – whether that be bond for a single shipment or, for frequent importers, a continuous bond to cover activity over the course of a year.


Contact us to learn more and to establish the right bond to meet your company’s requirements.

FDA and Other Government Agency filing

Commercial or personal, specific types of products coming into or through the US are subject to filing with the Food and Drug Administration. We handle food, medical products, animal feed, tobacco products and cosmetics — just some of the items under their jurisdiction.

Last mile delivery services

Also referred to as the final mile, we will make sure your items move efficiently from an ocean port, inland warehouse, or airport to the ‘final destination.’

Cargo Insurance

We can help set up insurance and protect you from financial loss in the event your cargo meets with natural disasters, vehicle accidents or other insurable events.

Logistics and Freight Forwarding

We take care of the complexities involved in planning and coordinating global movement of your goods. We serve as the third-party logistics provider to research, negotiate and quote rates, and arrange for intermediary contracts between locations – anywhere in the world.

Canada Customs

The US and Canada are each other’s biggest trade partners with nearly $3.6 billion worth of goods and services crossing the border each day in 2023. And importing goods into the US can be complex.


US-based PMK International is owned by the same people as own Courtney Agencies Ltd in Vancouver Canada. Not just an agent, Courtney is a full-service company with expertise in Canadian regulations at the same level you trust with  PMK on the American side.

A US business partner for Non-Resident Importers

PMK serves as the resident agent on behalf of non-resident importers wanting to bring goods into the US marketplace. We have decades of experience managing tariff classifications and other requirements for imports of any type of commodity from any country of origin. 


Many of our clients are Canadian-based looking to move product into US markets. With our sister company, Courtney Agencies Ltd, we are able to handle the complicated details on both sides of the border.


You can confidently leave us to take care of even the smallest details. It’s all part of the service.

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